Financial Consultant

Legacy Advisors works with the Business Strategies Group of Illinois, a division of Equitable Advisors to help individuals and the owners of closly held businesses develop and implement tax efficient strategies to grow and protect their wealth.

In our work we have found, that many business owners only work in their business and never find the time to work on their business.  Likewise many individuals never seem to find the time to arrange for ultimate financial security.  This is leaving them unnecessarily exposed to many risk such as: death, disability, adverse tax consequences, loss of key employees, lawsuits, insufficient retirement savings and not being able to pass their businesses on to the next generation.  By leaving these important issues unresolved, they are jeopardizing their future financial security and the security of the people they care about.

We use a unique series of programs designed to help our clients understand their current situation and create clarity for their future financial security.